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Complementary Therapies & Wellbeing Treatments

When was the last time you relaxed or had a few moments for yourself?

The therapeutic benefits of touch are long since recorded as an effective way to reduce stress, and imbibe feelings of wellness and health. Forget Me Knot Wellbeing offer a range of therapies of help promote that sense of inner calm and wellbeing.

Forget Me Knot wellbeing offers a range of therapeutic interventions, including

• Aromatherapy Massagetreatments
• Remedial Massage
• Advanced Deep Tissue Massage
• Indian Head Massage
• Hand and foot massage
• Hot Stone Massage

The therapies offered provide many therapeutic benefits to individuals, including promoting a sense of wellbeing, relaxation and calm. There are many scientifically documented benefits of therapies, including improvement in blood pressure, reduction of stress and anxiety, release of physical tension and discomfort, improving the quality of sleep, minimising headaches and general tensions within our bodies.

We can also provide Reiki and Meditation.


The system of Reiki (Ray-Key, meaning Universal Energy) is used by many people all over the world as an aide to their own sense of self, wellbeing and healing. Originating from Japan at the turn of the 20th of Century, the roots of Reiki can be traced way back, with definite links to Teate (tee-ah-tay), the art of Japanese hand healing.

Reiki, by its very nature, as a gentle healing modality, which often induces a sense of calm and relaxation within recipients. This is of great benefit to people with dementia, is a non-invasive approach, which provides a sense of wellness, relief and wellbeing.

Mediation is a method of providing a calm and tranquil space where people are guided by experienced meditation tutors. The meditation tools and techniques utilised are wide and varying, using techniques such as breath-work, visualisation, sound, song/chant and the like.
Sessions This is a calming and gentle experience, with 3 important elements of body posture, breathing and quietening or calming the mind. It is often a peaceful experience, which has massive therapeutic benefits for people with dementia.