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"Reminiscence is the recall of memories and events from the past. Activities can be part of a person-centred approach to caring that improves the wellbeing of people with dementia."

(The Alzheimer's Society)

For Dementia

Reminiscing and reminiscence entails reaching the memories that are still in the active regions of the brain. These memories can be tapped into using various methods.

Film projector for dementia

We can deliver workshops to include memory games ,craft activities, Music and Dance shows and other suitable memory tools. We can also provide Vintage equipment from Books to household items to stimulate the memory of various age groups.

This can be delivered as an hour’s session, a workshop, or we can rent a premise and have a half or full day of reminiscence.

At the earlier stages group activities can be of benefit to share memories and experiences whilst interacting. At a later more advanced stage of dementia then 1 on 1 reminiscence may be preferable.

There are studies that have demonstrated that the general mood and cognition function improved in subjects with dementia who participated in some form of reminiscence activity.

For Wellbeing

Reminiscence can benefit all ages.

Smells/scents,music and seeing objects from the past can make you feel good and be a great social activity.It encourages conversation and storytelling and helps to build confidence.

We have a vast range of memory items from the 1930's to the 1990's and also various games and toys which can be used for team building exercises or we can bring them to your venue and also run workshops as an activity.

1980's Smash hits and record player

Rubix cube