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Puppetry - An altertnative way with dementia


Puppetry in SunderlandCan you remember how you felt when you saw your first puppet? It could have been Andy Pandy or perhaps Pinocchio. Did it make you smile?


Puppetry is one the oldest forms of entertainment spanning over many centuries and is still popular today with new puppet characters being invented all the time.


We can work with both individuals and groups using various methods of puppetry .These include puppets to stimulate memory (Andy Pandy,Bill & Ben,Sooty & Sweep,Basil Brush plus many more). We can bring our puppets along to the sessions, play the theme tunes and make it interactive and fun. We also have puppet making workshops. This enables individuals to learn a new skill and encourages creativity. We also provide entertainment packages such as Punch and Judy and puppet shows.



For Dementia

Puppetry is an excellent way of connecting with people with dementia that may otherwise have difficulties maintaining social interaction. Puppets, singing  and storytelling can be utilised to stimulate memories and also as a tool to enhance the quality of life and to improve self esteem and confidence.

Puppets have universal appeal, they can engage people in imaginary worlds, inspiring further creative process. People naturally identify with puppet characters who can express feelings from the safety of being one-step removed from individual reality. Hand made Elvis puppet for dementia

Serious issues can be explored with humour, with or without words. Their visual and physical features provide opportunities for effective communication as well as entertainment. The world of puppetry can be an enjoyable meeting space between people who may have difficulty in interacting or communicating.

As people [with dementia] lose the ability to name, to conceptualise what things are, they are forced into much more visual ways of thinking about the world.” 2004,Dr Bruce Miller.

For Wellbeing

Puppetry is a form of entertainment that we are all familiar with, from our childhood days and in the current media and music industry.

Behind the fun is a wonderful way of ice breaking and breaking down barriers. It is a great way to communicate with people and open up communication.

Puppet Examples for educational sessions

We can deliver puppet workshops within workforces for team building and in schools for education. Alice in puppetland