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Movement and Music

When you last danced and sang to your favourite song how did you feel? Did it make you feel good?

Movement for Dementia

It is well documented that Exercise, and healthy lifestyle can help alleviate the symptoms of Dementia. We can deliver and put a program together of Exercise from the initial stages to the later stages of decline of Dementia where Movement is encouraged as an individual would have difficulty following an Exercise program.

Some individuals may prefer an Exercise framework with specific repetitions and structure, whilst others may like to Exercise through Dancing or outdoor exercise such as Walking

Improvements include:-Better posture, improved mood, Singing(memory) and overall improved physical health.

Music for Dementia

There is evidence that listening to favourite music regularly can help to reduce anti psychotic medication. Working with musical instruments such as bells, recorders, drums  etc will also be part of Music Wellbeing. Anyone who has played a musical instrument in the past will be encouraged to play again.

Music for dementia

Music is a very personal and powerful thing to each individual.“ It is the one thing that dementia cannot destroy” So it is important to involve family, friends ,carers of reach individual , who we will work with, to help us to put together an individual play list because Music that is meaningful to the person with dementia will be more effective.

We also deliver sessions where the groups are asked to bring an instrument if they can play and the instructor plays the pennywhistle  to well known folk songs. This encourages singing and those not of a musical background can play percussion if they so wish. It is a fun and stimulating activity.


Movement for all

We can deliver Exercise in many forms and from the age of 5 to 105.

dancing and Exercise

The aim of the sessions are to promote gentle exercise with dance or movement routines which will improve mobility, posture, mood and overall physical health.

Some Examples are

  • Dancing through the decades
  • Mindful Walking
  • Aerobics for everyone
  • The 3 B's (Bolly,Belly,Ballet)
  • Housework Workout
  • Children's Activities

We have GP Referral Consultants that can devise programs for people with long term health conditions in their own homes which can also aid in the prevention of falls and keep them independent for longer.

All our sessions are designed to give the best physical benefits to improve your Health and wellbeing and are FUN so that you will keep wanting more.

We can also organise a Disco, which can be themed around whatever decade you would like to go back to with games and activities and items from that decade. This can be a fun way of developing bonds and promoting team work for Organisations.

Music for All

Music is a very powerful stimuli, either listening to music, singing or playing an instrument can be uplifting and a great way to socialise. We can run sessions that involve various modes of Music to enhance creativity and increase confidence.