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Laughter Sessions ( Laughter Yoga )

When was the last time you laughed?? Really laughed??


Laughter yoga dogLaughter Yoga was the brain child of Dr Madan Kataria a practicing GP in Mumbai India, who had extensively researched the benefits of Laughter and devised exercises to encourage Laughter and interspersed them with Pranayama breathing in between.

The practice involves prolonged voluntary laughter and is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter.


For Dementia

There are several public studies to show that laughter is beneficial to people with dementia. It can help reduce agitation by releasing endorphins (feel good chemical) and by using techniques to induce laughter, individuals can be encouraged to laugh without having to understand a joke or punch line.

Laughter therapy can play an important role in helping people with dementia  as it is ideally suited to them because they may not comprehend humour, due to lack of cognitive abilities. It brings health benefits by increasing supplies of oxygen to the brain cells they by improving brain function. Also by releasing certain chemicals from the brain it helps to alleviate mood states and leaves a feeling of euphoria.

Even after having a session, individuals with Dementia may not remember what laughter Yoga is but will pick up where they left off as they remember the emotional connection, and enthusiasm grows with each session.

Each session can be delivered on either an individual basis or a group setting and is also good to involve family/carers to the sessions as they can reap the health benefits of Laughter also.

The session will last for approximately one hour. It starts with meet and greet and Laughter Warm up exercises, followed by creative laughter Exercises. It may also include:-dancing/singing/apparatus/music/games dependent on the clients needs and abilities. The sessions end with relaxation and cool down exercises.

For Wellbeing

We deliver Laughter classes that are for everyone. Why not give it a try and learn how to exercise your laughter muscles.

Laughter Yoga can relieve stress,help you to gain confidence,it promotes good sleep,boosts the immune system and is a good workout for the heart and lungs.

The laughter exercises are designed to move the diaphragm up and down, therefore even if the laughter is not flowing freely and you are not laughing your brain thinks that you are. It then releases the feel good chemicals endorphins and you will feel fantastic.

The sessions are filled with fun and include laughter warm up, laughter exercises, music, dancing and apparatus. They finish with a relaxing cool down and gentle stretches.

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